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Aspen Arora Manifest your aura

Recently moved to the UK from the US excited to integrate into the community!

The Magic Mala experience is Aspenís primary offering combining her gifts and education which culminates in a Magic Mala created specifically for you and your highest self. The flat rate includes the call, the human design reading, the human experience discussion, the Mala itself (100 percent crystal, lab-tested - proving their authenticity and healing properties), shipping, and the 10-15 page guidebook explaining everything discussed on the call, as well as a deep dive on the crystals chosen for your unique human experience.

Aspen grew up in the middle of nowhere in the mountains mostly by herself, the trees, the faeries, and her yellow labrador retriever Snowshoe. In her Sacred Forest, she was deeply connected to nature, its magic, and to Spirit. She joined the Navy when she was 17 as an enlisted sailor, commissioned from the United States Naval Academy in 2019 as a naval aviator with a B.S. in Operations Research which she describes as Applied Math for Humans.

In 2022 she was medically evacuated from the Middle East to San Diego where she began her radical healing journey. The spiritual wellness community welcomed her with open arms as she reawakened her spirituality and Celtic Druid roots. Having her Mala always with her allowed her to move through the pain and darkness by keeping her grounded with a physical tool, knowing the essence of the anatomy of the mala, and healing powers of crystals. As she regained her strength, she was inspired to share her tools and magic with the world leading her to create Aspen Arora - Manifest Your Aura merging her math and her mystic passions together.

An academic, a warrior, a world traveler, and an intuitive, Aspen can help you choose the light by helping you see your own.

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Aspen Arora Manifest your aura

Great Billing, Northamptonshire