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Lime and Mint Prints

Hello! I make hand embroidery gifts such as embroidery hoops, keepsakes, tote bags and occasion cards.

I make hand embroidery gifts, such as embroidery hoops, tote bags, occasion cards and bookmarks. My husbands makes the hoops and I try to recycle and upcycle fabric where I can to make my products more thrifty!
A lot of my hoop designs are based on female empowerment and around maintaining good mental health. They can also be a bit cheeky, but are not made to cause offence!

I take my inspiration from everywhere - hobbies, the seasons, travel, lyrics, movie quotes, wildlife and nature, to name a few.

I started embroidery when I was signed off work with depression - by day I am an NHS nurse. I needed something to distract me from my unhelpful thinking habits. I used to dabble in cross stitch as a little one, so I gave that a try and that quickly escalated to embroidery, which I have fallen in love with!

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my page


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