Kapas Kala - Clothing

Kapas Kala

We are a slow-fashion brand based in India and the UK making unique women’s and menswear in Indian cotton.

Namaste from Kapas Kala

‘Kapas’ means cotton and ‘Kala’ means art. Through our fusion urban designs in relaxed fits, we bring the ‘art of cotton’ to the UK.

Operating in the fashion industry, we’re small but with a big conscience and have a zero waste policy. Every fabric off-cut from our designs is utilised in making smaller accessories, our packaging and tote bags (the sale of which contributes to charity).

Every piece we make is a one-off to ensure that our clothing is as unique as the people buying them and nobody else would have the same piece.

We are purposefully small and slow in what we make, mostly because we enjoy the journey of creating almost as much if not more than the destination of our clothes.

We hope for every piece to become a “go to” in people’s wardrobe and provide nothing but breezy comfort when wearing a Kapas Kala piece.

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