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Im 20 year old, my small business sells crocheted plushies, blankets etc.

hi im tasha, im 20 and i live in twickenham. in 2022 i learnt how to crochet, i struggled a lot at first but didnt give up. as someone who has anxiety, crocheting has massively helped me and also become my small business. i since opened an etsy in August 2023 where i sell blankets, clothes, and mostly plushies which are cuddly toys i make. I also do customs and those can be viewed in the about me section on my etsy they include winnie the pooh, a blanket featuring someones name in appliqué and a jumper i crocheted. i spend most of my time creating new things for my shop, in hopes in grows as its my passion and i love making new things.

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Twickenham, London