ForgeWoodShop - General Crafts


A combination of forged products, Leather goods, Hand turned and carved wood items

Forgewoodshop creates a range of products often found during the Medieval to the modern day periods, these are loved by the Re-enactment groups including the Vikings, Saxons and through out the period up to and including the Civil War and are also useful in the modern era.
All products are hand made by myself in my workshop in Chatteris, artisans and visitors can visit by prior arrangement.
The range includes
Campfire cooking aids, Tripods, trivets, trammels, hooks ...
Forged Brooches, armbands, hair sticks, pendants, skewers ...
LARP re enactment products by arrangement
Leather goods and gifts, Costrels, bags, pouches, purses...
Hand turned and crafted wood products, Bowls, platers, cups, dishes...
Viking Seaxes and bush craft style small sheathed knives.
Scrimshaw buttons, nalbinding needles, Awls, Key fobs...

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Chatteris, Cambridgeshire