DarvakHandmade - Coppersmith


Were a Hungarian couple from Transylvania. Teachers for 10 years (literature and chemistry) prior to moving to UK.

After moving to the UK we were looking for a hobby that was related to our previous career as a chemistry and literature teacher. This is how we came across the art of copper electroforming / copper plating. On our walks in the woodland, on the fields we always loved to collect different leaves, flowers, feathers or snail / sea shells. With the help of the electroforming process we cover these things with a layer of copper and preserve their beauty forever. Sometimes we use patina, to give these copper plated creations different, fiery colors.
Initially we made jewelry, mostly pendants, earrings, and keyrings, but after a time we were thinking of other uses of copper plated things. We started to put them in frames (regular or 3D/box wooden frames with glass) along with a matching quote or the Latin name of the plant. Every frame comes in a cardboard box filled with wood wool. In the box there’s a little description about the copper plated item in the frame. The frames can be designed as required. This type of frames are unique on the market. 

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