Ceramic Whatnots - Pottery and ceramics

Ceramic Whatnots

Handcarved functional ceramics. Unique designs, made and carved in my home studio.

Handmade on the pottery wheel and individually carved in my home studio in Swindon.

Created with the childlike freedom to draw and make without fear of getting it wrong. I found myself frozen with an artistic fear of designing a perfect pattern for my work, my current carved range was born while drawing with my daughter, observing the fearless process of mark making and the joy that accompanied it. I tried it myself and began to carve whatever I felt like on my work. What emerged were organic patterns and images from the world around us.

My work is born of freedom and pleasure, I find joy and calm in my carving process and feel grounded in the designs. My hope is that those qualities are also present and felt by those who own my work.

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Ceramic Whatnots

Swindon, Wiltshire