Wild Bloom Crafts - Floral design

Wild Bloom Crafts

I am an artist and crafter of nature and flora. I create art, cards, wreaths and floral creations.

My entire life has been a devotion and love for nature and the bounty offered in each season. I have been crafting, and creating art and self learning through passion and love. The name Bird in the Woods, came from a talk with my husband, and describing myself as a bird, flying from tree to tree in the lush woodlands, collecting, foraging and bringing home an array of treasures to adorn our home.

I created this business alongside my other work of art and sacred dance, to allow for it to flourish, inspire and bring nature deep in to the world of others.

Using local and self grown where possible, I create art, wreaths and floral designs, inspired by folklore, and magic.
Alongside this, I capture their magic to create cards and designs to allow for variations in my offering.

My work is a life long passion, with hopes to share and inspire others with the magic of natures art displays.

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Wild Bloom Crafts

Matlock, Derbyshire