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All my goods are handmade and each piece is unique as I never duplicate anything.

I have been creating things since the age of 7 years and I still enjoy learning new skills and techniques. I have recently retired and want to devote more time to my crafts. I mostly enjoy anything that involves sewing, so I make soft toys, rag dolls, childrens clothing. I upcycle upholstered items and make things from leather ...and so the list goes on! I also enjoy papercrafts and working with clay.
I am an ex-nurse and very interested in skin care so I create my own range of organic, safe and non-toxic skin care products that are very popular and very cheap to buy. Candles are very important to me too, I love to be surrounded by pleasant fragrances and the gentle glow of candles, so I make those too (of course)!
I have had my small business for more than 40 years now and four years ago I started my own website, though very little was sold because I believe that people want to touch fabrics, feel the soft fur of a teddy bear, smell the fragrance of a candle and appreciate the beautiful hand stitching on handmade leather goods. I find that Craft Fairs give everyone the opportunity to do all of these things. I also love to meet the people who buy my goods and to see the smile on a childs face when they know that toy or doll is for them.
Everything I make has been crafted to last. The ingredients I use, the threads, the fabrics, the clay and the tools I use are all very important to me. I want my customers to buy something that lasts a long time because of how it has been made, so I put my heart into what I make. I really dont care how long something takes me to make and I dont base my prices on that. My prices are affordable because all I want to do is continue crafting, its not about profit, its about the quality of what I make so I never make two identical pieces, each one is unique and there isnt another one in the whole world like it! I am always happy to make something bespoke too, so just ask and if I can, I will make it for you and if I cannot, I will say so.

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TillyMae Designs

Halifax, West Yorkshire