Jacqueline Jermyn - Felting

Jacqueline Jermyn

I create varied artwork, both abstract and representational to suit all tastes. I have two online shops.

My love for art led me to pursue a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art, a journey of learning and self-discovery. But my connection with art goes beyond education it is a way of life. I have not only studied and taught art but, most importantly, love creating it.

My artistic repertoire is diverse as the emotions I channels into my work. My artistic journey includes experience with sculpture, mixed media, oil on canvas (a particular passion of mine), and the relatively recent world of digital art. Each of these forms allows me to express myself uniquely, translating my thoughts and emotions into tangible works of art. I also enjoy crafting, creating small animals, especially dogs using felt wool.

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Jacqueline Jermyn

Arundel, West Sussex