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Michelle being Bloomin Crafty

Handmade Gift Cards and bespoke personal gifts made with love to send with love

As a qualified nurse of 40 years I had, since childhood, a yearning to create and reach out to people when words are just not enough. I loved to write, paint and make things that would express the inner me and touch the core of others who may be feeling the same emotions. This helped me a great deal in my professional career, I suppose you might call it empathy. In my latter years as a nurse I was privileged to work in Oncology, caring for people with a cancer diagnosis. Many of these people were not able to be cured and approaching the end of their life. Their wisdom and teachings will live with me for the remainder of mine. One such lesson brought me to the realisation that I must set free that inner me and give life to my creative self. The second is to leave nothing unsaid to the most important people in your life. So with these lessons and so many more I have made the decision to retired from nursing and start my own business. Through my new fledgling business I am going to channel the stories and energies of all the people I have met throughout my professional life by creating Gift Cards, design and print clothing, bespoke personal gifts (for those special occasions) and later in my journey pursue my love of all things flowers in floral design work (that one may have to wait for a little while). I am looking forward to starting my own blog where I can share stories and thoughts, somethings relating to crafting but sometimes writing solely about what it is to be human. I have a few mantras that I live by and a number of these will no doubt pop up in the blog from time to time. One of my favorities to leave you with is There is only today. So today in beautiful Northumberland let the creating begin

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Michelle being Bloomin Crafty

Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland