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Card and Resin Craft work

Hi my Name is Carol and I am Happy to say that I can now focus on doing the things I love. I am fully enjoying crafting but as a 20 something I was able to just draw from a pattern and make my own outfits. I made numerous dresses and coats until my 2 children went to school after that totally made nothing due to working full time while bringing up a growing and family
In 2015 I learned how to make cosmetic Jewellery, made a quiet a few for family and friends, moved over into epoxy resin work. My resin became intricate and a little adventurous some things included small and medium colourful Pyramids. Resin Teddy bears that light up. Also Resin Christmas tress and bubbles. For the last 2 years I have started to work my crafts over into card making and note I am fully enjoying the process. After receiving many compliments and offers to help me set up a web page I felt it may be time to step my toe in the water so to speak .

I make 6 x 6 inch cards + 5 x 7 inch cards also. I can adapt about 10 sceens with come in different coloured inks from pads and gel pens. This year I and have started to include a few box sets made special for christmas can be done in packs of 6 or 7 both sizes mixed also.
I am hoping to invest futher into more designs and or specific to themes. I have staming techniques using fairyies, large and small toadstools, A fairy Cottage with a gardens, Dragons that fly above. Also a wlaking beautiful teddy bears with coloured bubbles.

Most of my work currently is being snapped up by family and friends they where my test cases to see what portions where aceptable. I am hoping to just put on a stall after joing a local craft fair first before opening a type listing shop. I am aware I will need to build stock plus packaging and hoping this blog is just a short introduction for viewing my work.

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