PyroPaul Ure - Pyrography

PyroPaul Ure

I am a pyrographer (burn art onto wood). Ive been producing items, for the last few months and Im keen to sell regularly

Since getting divorced Ive had a lot of time spare and I was getting very lonely. Rather than let the loneliness win I took up two new hobbies which have both become obsessions. One Is catapult target shooting where I compete throughout the UK, the second is pyrography, time flies when Im burning new art. I use both hand drawn and stensils and each piece is all done by my hands (no lasers etc). Quite often Ill be burning and lose track of time! I love it. Over the last month Ive began to sell my work Im not the best one out there but I am good and I sell at reasonable prices.i have a wide selection of items from chopping boards to own holders to more artistic live edged pieces (these are the most expensive) items. I look forward to meeting other sellers and getting my work in front of people who seem to love it. I also take on custom commissions (only one so far for two olay boxes which I enjoyed creating).

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PyroPaul Ure

Salisbury, Wiltshire