Myriad creations - Painting

Myriad creations

I am an artist based in Berkshire, United Kingdom. I aim to create pieces which touch a cord and evoke positive emotions

Creative and versatile artist with a passion for creating captivating portraits, still life compositions, and abstract artworks. Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and exploring various styles and techniques. Seeking opportunities to collaborate with galleries, collectors, and clients to create unique and evocative artworks.
Proficient in creating realistic, expressive portraits that capture the essence of the subject.
Skilled in composing engaging still life arrangements that showcase objects with depth and significance.
Experienced in conceptualizing and producing abstract artworks that provoke thought and emotion.
Strong understanding of colour theory, composition, and visual storytelling.
Technical Skills:
Proficient in a wide range of traditional art mediums, including pencil/pen, acrylics, watercolours, and oils,
Familiarity with digital art tools and software for creating digital paintings and illustrations.
Ability to adapt and experiment with different techniques, materials, and styles.

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Myriad creations

Slough, Berkshire