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Silver Jade Jewellery

I am a small business selling sterling silver jewellery for women.

Silver Jade Jewellery was founded quite simply because it was just so incredibly difficult to find unique beautiful jewellery.

I found the majority of the designs out there were just not exciting, and everyone was wearing the same underlying designs. We believe jewellery should be unique just like any individual is, and be completely affordable at the same time. When we wanted to shop jewellery, we were left with two options, to spend hard earned money on a luxurious item or end up with the same old designs with poor quality. So, buying jewellery in precious metal silver or gold was out of the question.

Through this brand I wanted to create and offer unique and exciting designs combined with the highest quality of craftsmanship. My jewellery designs will bring you joy and confidence to wear and flaunt.

Silver Jade jewellery is made from precious sterling silver available in gold and rose vermeil or plated. The plating on any of our jewellery should at least last you for 3 years if proper care is taken. Follow the jewellery care guide on the website to increase the longevity of shine and sparkle of your jewellery.

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Silver Jade Jewellery

Farnham, Hampshire