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Sophie Annabelle Rose

Intuitive mix-media artist painting the moving beauty of flowers, infusing vintage aesthetics and an urban flair

Sophie Annabelle is a UK-based intuitive artist painting the moving beauty of flowers, primarily in watercolour and gouache. With vintage aesthetics and an urban flair, her atmospheric art brings soothing energy and a dreamy spirit. Through art, she pays homage to vulnerability and life in flowers - just like in our human spirit.

Creating art is a spiritual way of being for Sophie. By setting the stage and letting the art unfold, she is learning to surrender to the flow of life and trust the universe and her authentic voice.

Sophie has been making beautiful things since childhood. A blend of creative inspirations honed her artistic sensibility - from heartfelt acoustic music to learning colours from her admired interior designers, from traditional local handcrafts to urban fashion and architecture, from classic European fine art paintings to Eastern ink art. Answering her souls calling, she left her corporate job to return to her artistic self.

Like flowers, each of us is unique. Through art, Sophie intends to shed light on the beautiful souls we all are.

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Sophie Annabelle Rose

Hook Norton, Oxfordshire