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Buff makes hand crafted vegan soap bars, lip scrubs and soy wax candles and melts.

Buff. began with the simple purpose of reducing the amount of plastic in skincare products on the shop shelves.

But we also want to do things differently.

We instead offer a luxurious and lavish experience with handmade soaps and soy wax candles that we know youll grow to love as much as we do. All our products are hand-poured/mixed and measured, and we strive to make great skincare items for your body.

We strive to do handmade items differently, with the benefit of something crafted with care, time and a personal touch. Our soaps and candles are fragranced with unique scents to invigorate the senses each and every time.

All our products are handmade here in the UK, based on the Thames Estuary in Essex. We are a small family business.

We dont use palm oil in our ingredients, because we care about the rainforests and we choose not to wrap our products in plastic to help the oceans. Our packaging is recyclable and eco-friendly, and in some cases, well reuse not-so-eco packaging weve received in supply orders to help keep your products safe. We hate to see packaging only be used once for one purpose before meeting its end in the landfill! We also hope you reuse, recycle and reduce any of the packaging or products you buy from us.

We oppose animal cruelty in any form and use reputable suppliers who ensure ingredients are sourced ethically and sustainably as much as possible.

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