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Motley Jems

An assortment of handcrafted treasures including macrame, crepe paper flowers and needle felt

My love of crafting first started when I was young and I used to copy my Dads calligraphy. Over the years Ive added lots of crafts to the medley including sewing, macrame, pyrography, crepe paper flowers and needle felting, all of which I have taught myself.
My best friend Jemma was always my biggest fan, she used to tell me all the time that I should showcase the things that I make and sell them. I never took her words seriously until unfortunately I couldnt hear them again. Jemma sadly passed away from breast cancer and so now I have created Motley Jems as a memorial to the amazing person that she was. She is always in my thoughts and I especially hear her words in my head when I am creating something new.
The main crafts that I tend to stick to now are macrame, needle felting and crepe paper flowers. I am available to contact for commission jobs such as weddings and other occasions.

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Motley Jems

Tunbridge Wells, Kent