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Beach Art By Jayne

Hi Im Jayne and I make quirky and original pebble and driftwood pictures and plaques.

Hi Im Jayne and I make pebble and driftwood pictures and plaques.

I love everything about our beautiful beaches, the sound of the waves against the shore, the scent of sea air, and the amazing way our beaches create smooth beach pebbles and naturally shaped driftwood.

I wanted to find a way to create beautiful, unique gifts using these natural resources, and after lots of research, I found a number of Artists and Crafters making their style of pictures, most of them based near the coast, and very few bringing these lovely gifts inland.

It was important to me to keep the natural beauty of the pebbles and driftwood, without using printers and other equipment, so I set myself a challenge to make gifts that are fully handmade with love.

All pictures and plaques are designed using wooden letter stamps, paper flowers, naturally shaped driftwood and beach pebbles.

Over these last 4 years, Ive met so many wonderful Artists and Crafters bringing their own style to their art, I hope you like mine.

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Beach Art By Jayne

Bicester, Oxfordshire