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Welcome to Blue Marble, where we craft exquisite candles. We are cruelty-free and devoted to quality and sustainability

Welcome to Blue Marble, where we craft exquisite candles to illuminate your world with elegance. We are about creating experiences, hand-pouring love into each candle using only premium soy wax and scents. We are cruelty-free, devoted to quality and sustainability, and our candles are proudly made in the UK.

Blue Marble, is a testament to the passion and dedication that can turn a dream into reality. Nestled in the heart of historic Warwickshire, England, Blue Marble is the result of a two year journey in pursuit of perfection in the art of candle making. Our journey was not just about crafting candles it was a labor of love to create something truly exceptional. Blue Marbles mission is clear: to offer premium quality candles and scents that embody affordable luxury. Each candle is meticulously created to provide scented experiences from around the world, allowing customers to escape into the realm of fragrant bliss. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Blue Marble is a beacon of aromatic delight in the heart of England.

At Blue Marble, we hold the belief that candles should be a source of delight, infusing your space with graceful fragrances that possess the power to transport you to moments of nostalgia, treasured memories, or unexplored adventures. To achieve this, we are dedicated to refining each of our fragrances, ensuring that the end product exudes sophistication, leave a lasting impression, and unveil a myriad of aromatic layers.

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Blue Marble Candle Company

Henley in Arden, Warwickshire