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Oskibod Creations

Beautiful hand poured resin home decor, seasonal decorations and jewellery.

Hello Iím Sara, creative influencer at Oskibod Creations. Originally set up during Covid by my mum, Bernadette, I have now come on board to so she can focus more on her primary role at her other company. I have always been creative and had a love of art and design, Oskibod Creations has given me the opportunity to do what I love while working around my young children.

At Oskibod Creations we create unique, hand poured and often hand painted resin finery, such as home decor, seasonal decorations and jewellery. As each piece is handmade no two piece are the same. Many of our creations are animal or fantasy themed, such as dragons and fairies, but we like to step out side of our box and vary our products to cater to all tastes.

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Oskibod Creations

Ince Wigan, Lancashire