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Innate Impressions

I create botanical bas relief casts, capturing every minute detail of flowers and foliage in fossil like plaster tiles.

Using real flowers and foliage, I create intricate compositions by pressing the plants into soft flat clay. Once I am happy with my composition I painstakingly remove every petal, leaf, seed and stamen to reveal a negative impression.
A wooden frame is then placed around the composition and fine casting plaster in poured in. This dries for several hours after which the clay is pealed away to reveal a fossil like relief cast tile.
The process is simple and has its roots in ancient history. The selection of plants and how they are arranged is what can set a tile apart. Since becoming a passionate gardener I have aimed to preserve what I grow, capturing the forms, textures and rhythmic synergy of the plants I love. Creating my compositions relates closely the the way I plant my garden.
My work is largely unpainted to reflect an intricate yet uncomplicated perspective, celebrating shape, form and texture. I occasionally add pigment or gold and silver leaf to my work.
The plants dictate the size of each piece and I work organically to place the stems and flowers.
My tiles range from 8cm to 80cm sq. The tiles are between 1cm and 2cm deep and can be hung or propped on a shelf or surface. I am currently trying out cements to enable large pieces suitable for outdoors.
I take commissions for any size and I preserve bridal flowers which I love and is becoming a fast growing part of my business.

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Innate Impressions

Preston Paignton, Devon