Oznur Nora Yenilmez - Paper Embroidery

Oznur Nora Yenilmez

I have always been interested in arts and crafts. I am currently working on paper and wood embroidery.

As a mother of two beautiful girls, I find myself with more time to indulge in my passions as they grow older. It brings me immense joy to share with you my latest endeavor - an Instagram account called The Mini Crafthouse.

Through this platform, I have found a creative outlet to showcase my love for crafting. I am thrilled to announce that I will be featuring my most recent projects, which include exquisitely embroidered Christmas baubles on wood and charming embroidered notebooks.

With the holiday season fast approaching, I couldnt think of a better time to share these unique creations with you. Each bauble is lovingly handcrafted, capturing the spirit of Christmas and adding a touch of personalized elegance to your festive decor. The notebooks, on the other hand, are a delightful blend of artistic expression and practicality, making them the perfect companion for jotting down your thoughts, dreams, and inspirations.

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Oznur Nora Yenilmez

New malden, Surrey