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Melt to Magic

Eco-Soy Magical Wax Melts - Strongly Scented and Oh-So-Pretty.

Were Melt to Magic and were all about transporting you somewhere magical through the sense of scent.

Using eco-soy wax only, Melt to Magics wax melts are friendly to the planet without compromising on fragrance strength.

Fully CLP compliant, safety comes first, and we ensure all of our customers know how to embrace the pixie dust without things turning nasty.

All wax melts have been named with a punny twist. Fluffy Towels, for example, is titled What The Fluff?! to match with our digital kitty mascots.

Were also releasing themed collections in the near future for die-hard fans of various fandoms. Right in time for Christmas, wax melt addicts can combine their love of melted magic with their obsession of the Wizarding World, the Disney Castles, a Galaxy Far, Far Away, and Central Park (to name a few.)

Melt to Magic was launched during the long and stressful endeavour of wedding planning. I was told oh-so many times that your guests dont pay any attention to your favours and they all get left at the end of the night.
Im known for my adoration for wax melts. And I thought Id give it a shot at making some as wedding favours.

I asked a small group of family and friends to test and trial them for me and I was met with these are the strongest and the most long-lasting wax melts Ive ever tried!

Of course, theyre biased. So, I set up a little experiment with people I DIDNT know.
The exact same response.

And I fell in love with the art of making wax melts that, not only smell amazing, but could be on display as art, too.

Well be bringing in a load of Christmas fragrances in the not-so-distant future. Well also be selling wax melt advent calendars, the themed sets, and our standard snapbar range.

Fragrances are separated into categories: clean, sweet, cosy, sultry, floral and fruity.

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Melt to Magic

Eastleigh, Hampshire