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Ritual Craft Creations

Working with the majesty of Mother Nature I craft gorgeous and unique handmade, ethically sourced feather fans, rattles and jewellery.

As an artist, Druid and forest dweller I am always carrying sticks and feathers (along with food and herbs I forage) back from the forest. Recently I began making feather fans for smudging mugwort bundles (which I also make) and when I took it along to ceremonies people loved and wanted one. So I started making them. And then I started making rattles from dried gourds. Everything I use is ethically sourced and most of it I have collected myself - I do use crystals to decorate the fans and rattles which I obviously have not mined for myself but I am careful to ensure my sources are ethical and I pay accordingly.

My fans, rattles and jewellery are one of a kind and really special. Everything I make is gathered with love, appreciation given to the forest where I live that provides with such abundance and then crafted with love.

I am always expanding my business and a recent addition to the craft table are my daughters incredible hand crocheted jumpers and ballet wraps.

And I make food... I am a caterer. A creator.

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Ritual Craft Creations

St Albans, Hertfordshire