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Athena Art Gallery offers paintings and photographs, carefully curated by our experts for art lovers, collectors and artist alike.

My name is Anila and Athena Gallery is my art studio, also a member of Reading Guild of Artists. I am a self taught artist who loves to explore and capture the beauty of nature through painting. After spending a lifetime working in the corporate world, I began to feel a creative pull and started pursuing my passion. 

I have strong passion for creating expressive pieces that celebrates the beauty of the natural world, and enjoy using a range of mediums to create unique and vibrant works. The joy I find in creating arts has been a huge blessing and I look forward to continuing to share my work with the world.

I work primarily in oils, achieving dynamic effects by layering colours to create depth and mood, instantly transferring the viewers  to a peaceful and calming place. 

I draw inspiration from wonders of the natural works around me and the sublime beauty of nature. Through my art i strive to capture the essence of what nature is to me , whether that be a breath taking landscape, the delicate intricacies of flower, or the abstract pattern of a rock formation, or braking of waves. I am excited to continue  my journey of exploring and learning new techniques to further my craft. 

Also I am a photographer , passionate about capturing beautiful moments and creating meaningful images .

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Athena Art Gallery

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