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Doc, Sock and Barrel offers bespoke, handmade socks and knitted tubes, made on a circular sock knitting machine.

Doc, Sock and Barrel make socks, handmade to order in a 75 percent wool, 25 percent nylon blend sock wool. Customers choose the sock style (including cuff design, various ribbing patterns and leg length), wool colour (from a huge variety of plain and patterned sock yarns) and size (so that they are a perfect fit). Doc, Sock and Barrel socks are hand-crafted on a circular sock machine (the barrel’) to the customers exact specification using traditional methods. Once cranked, socks are finished by hand and then washed and blocked. They make perfect gifts or a treats.

Handcrafted socks made to a specific foot size have a more comfortable fit. They can be made in a variety of styles and colours to suit preferences. Wool socks have a number of benefits over commercially produced cotton: wool is a more sustainable and warmer material wool stays warm even when wet wool is naturally antibacterial and odour-resistant.

Doc, Sock and Barrel also offer a cranking service for customers with their own sock wool stash. We can turn a wool collection into tubes, offering a range of choices to enable the customer to add their own cuffs, heels and toes. We can even make complete socks using wool sent to us (perfect for customers who already own sock wool, or who have seen a particular wool that they would like turned into socks).

As the owner and maker of Doc, Sock and Barrel, I learnt to knit when I was a child. As a busy working adult, I didnt have much time to pursue this hobby until my son was born and I rediscovered my knitting needles. I love the colour choices, the cosiness and being able to produce knitwear using sustainable materials and practices. About eight years ago I taught myself to knit socks and discovered the joy and comfort of hand-made socks. I had heard on the knitting grapevine of the difference a well-made pair of socks could make but didnt believe until I started to make and wear my own. Now I dont buy and wear mass-produced socks: I only wear handmade socks. My family and friends also have their own collections of handmade socks.

I work in education and after I completed my doctorate, I turned my attention to learning to use a circular sock machine to begin to use the vast range of sock wool available. I was keen to extend my understanding and use of this traditional craft. Doc, Sock and Barrel was born from this hobby. I own an Erlbacher Gear Speedster (the barrel) on which all Doc, Sock and Barrel products are cranked.

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Southampton, Hampshire