Laura Logan - Confectionery

Laura Logan

Handmade chocolate lollies with a variety of different toppings that can be customised and suited for the specific individual.

We are two friends who really enjoy the world of choclate! We feel we have created a great product that appeals to children and adults. These are great for thank you gifts, stocking fillers, party bag favours or just simply to treat yourself and your loved ones.
We have vegan and vegetarian options available.
Our lollies are made with belgium chocolate, weighing in at 70g per lolly, you get a lot of chocolate. The toppings vary from biscuit, sweets and sprinkles. Customers can choose their own toppings to make the lollies personalised. Each lolly comes in its own packet, with our company logo on.

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Laura Logan

Cranleigh, Surrey