Sugar and Plum - Dolls

Sugar and Plum

Handmade Fairy figures , wooden peg dolls and felt mice


I am Louise and I make fairy keepsake dolls, magical wands and tiny wooden fairies along with a range of felt mice . They all make lovely keepsake gifts for children and adults alike.

I started making very recently as I found myself with some spare time and having always been creative but with no time to create, I had the perfect excuse! (If indeed an excuse is actually needed). My inspiration comes from lots of places, my love of history , my love of folk and fairytales and of magic and princesses.I think this is evident in some of my designs. I also absolutely adore anything from the French Rococo style and more recently some of the outrageous wigs and over the top fashion in Bridgerton. I especially come into to my own over the Christmas period where my imagination can run riot with rich colours of velvets and tulle, and of course lots and lots of sparkle
I want my fairy figurine to bring you joy for many years and they are made to a high standard with good quality tulle and rich colourful fabrics such as Liberty and Tilda. Large fairies come with a little name tag and a lovely little post card that explains how to take care of her in the form of a poem. She will also grant you 3 imaginary wishes.

Fairies are special and are not to be played with but to sit on a shelf or cupboard and watch over you and keep you safe, with this in mind always supervise a child holding a fairy and remember to be gentle with her .

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