Ian Pearson - Glass

Ian Pearson

GLASS N METAL FUSION Unique hand crafted products in glass and metal

I offer an eclectic range of unique objects of interest to ornament your home and body.
My range of hand crafted products are made in my studio located in Brittany, France
However I frequently return to the Southwest of England to visit family
and I enjoy the interaction and
feedback from people I meet and sell to at craft fares
I love transforming glass and metals into beautiful creations using traditional and modern skills and equipment.
My range includes:
Tiffany style stained glass which involves copper foiling coloured glass and soldering for Sun Catchers etc
Copper and silver wire manipulation for creating exquisite jewellery
Fusing glass in a high temperature Kiln for cabochons and other interesting objects
Glass forming glass into different shapes using a gas/oxygen blowtorch lampworking for bead making
Painting glass using a variety of different media including crushed glass, acrylics and resins.
Creating lovely things, be they ornaments, jewellery or just something that makes you or a loved one smile
That is my raison detre

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