Ruby and Klaus - Polymer Clay

Ruby and Klaus

Ive worked as a commercial artist for over 10 years, and now focus on creating earrings and ornaments from polymer clay and resin

I discovered polymer clay a couple of years ago and it has become an artistic obsession. I like to create earrings, home decor and hanging ornaments by mixing translucent and opaque clays, shimmering mica powders and inks. I rarely plan a project past choosing the colour scheme, as I find it exciting to see what will be created through the process. Im particularly fond of emulating gem stones with clay and using bright block colours in minimalist shapes. I also enjoy emulating the retro textiles of the 60s, 70s and 80s. As well as designs based around my love of witch core.
Recently, I have started using with resin, experimenting with it in a similar way.

I was a commercial artist for 12 years before a career change in 2021. Working with polymer clay has become the creative outlet I needed since I no longer hold a paint brush every day.
Ive done a few local craft fairs, with a wish to do them more regularly. You can also find me on Etsy.

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Ruby and Klaus

Goring by sea, West Sussex