Wildmoorlands Special occasions cards - Cardmaking

Wildmoorlands Special occasions cards

I am completely passionate about art, specially unique pieces. I am always ready and excited to realise new ideas

I was very luck when we moved to a small, beautiful village called Castleton in North yorkshire Moors National Park.
When I saw so much beauty in the surrounding, I felt compelled to create something special that everyone would like .
Walks in a purple heather in the morning revealed jumping rabbits, wandering sheep, famous white footed grouse and dancing hares.
Night falls bring wise owls , nosy foxes and elegant Roe deer.
I started to make unique 3 D handbags with high quality materials like Harris tweed, embroidered silk, glass eyes and leather.
This year created unique Greetings cards
Thank you

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Wildmoorlands Special occasions cards

Castleton, North Yorkshire