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My passion in jewellery making is wire work, using plated copper and gemstones. Before wire
wrapping, I used to make beaded jewellery which I still use to compliment my wire wraps. My journey with wire work started 5 years ago in a bead show where I met some wonderful wire-wrappers and I was hooked .

I love working with wire because it is malleable, versatile and has strength which prevents it from breaking or stretching. I also use gemstones, wood, cords and 925 sterling silver wire. The sterling silver is mainly for commissioned pieces or to be used as rosary links for pearl chains.

All materials I use are durable and I use weaving and wrapping techniques, which creates unique and individualistic pieces. I take pride in the use of high-quality materials to ensure that each piece is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable. My jewellry features captivating combination of carefully sourced gemstones, sustainable woods, glass beads, wire, and beading wire / thread. This diverse selection of materials allows me to create a harmonious fusion of textures, colours, and shapes in every piece.

I would describe most of my products as bold statement pieces and they can be tailored to individual preference, through commissions. Some of my pieces are suitable for unisex and for those who want to make a bold statement. I also create minimalist pieces to cater for some of my clients base and those who like minimalistic jewellery. All my pieces are handmade using quality material that are sourced locally, aiming at reducing my carbon footprint

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Daminice Jewellery

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