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Zebrabook Crafts

Handmade items from materials found on the sea shore.

Zebrabook Crafts construct small model buildings, landscapes and decorative gardens mainly from the materials found on the sea shore.
We use interesting objects like snail shells, small pebbles, worn glass, worn timber and odd shaped shells and stones. There is a range of items than incorporate glass candle holders, small plant holders in mini buckets, small houses with battery candles inside and landscaped gardens with battery lights. All are unique and one offs. All are constructed on approximately 120mm sawn timber bases. Occasionally a bigger building will develop on a slightly wider timber base.
Every design will have at least one snail shell on and all are signed by the artist.

Zebrabook Crafts also create a range of acrylic landscape paintings.

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Zebrabook Crafts

Bagshot, Surrey