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Handcrafted Products From Glass Bottles

Hello and welcome to Redefined Glass, we are home to a beautiful range of sustainable upcycled glassware products. The product range includes bottle table lamps, decorative lights, personalised wine bottles, drinking glasses and soap dispensers. Glass is such a versatile material and many manufacturers out so much time and effort into their unique designs. We aim to source expertly designed bottles and highlight their unique characteristics, creating a new product and extending its serviceable life.

Upcycling is a sustainable option for our environment. We are currently in a climate emergency, then need for reducing energy and material consumption has never been greater. Using recycled glass rather than new glass greatly reduces the amount of Co2 released into our atmosphere. Glass is a 100 percent recyclable material, but unfortunately only around 75 percent of waste glass in the UK gets recycled. Ultimately causing a staggering 25 percent to end up in landfill. Help us to make a difference and reduce the amount of waste glass ending up in landfill and ultimately reducing your own carbon footprint.

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