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The Artful Craven

Artist selling original art works and fine art prints

Hello, my name is Carys and Im a local artist living in Oxfordshire. I paint acrylic on a mixture of materials such as canvas, wooden boards and paper. After umm-ing and ah-ing I have finally decided to turn my passion for art into a career, displaying original canvas paintings in a range of sizes and also providing more affordable, quality fine art prints of my work. For me, art is a source of joy and freedom and I want to bring my imagination to life and share my world of vivid colours, scapes and meaningful art with others.

My work predominantly focuses on landscapes and abstract art, I love using intense colours, creating dramatic skies and seascapes to convey bright worlds and capture beautiful moments. My style and art changes depending on what is inspiring me, moods I want to set and exploring different materials . On occasion, I feel that some of my paintings convey deeper meaning through their imagery, a visual representation of emotions and thoughts that make their way onto the canvas.

Prints will be available on site in A4 and A3, alongside a select few original canvases, either one offs or the print original.

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The Artful Craven

Oxford, Oxfordshire