Wilson and Lionel - Calligraphy

Wilson and Lionel

Calligraphy based products adding a personalised touch to seasonal must-haves.

Wilson and Lionel is a business founded on providing a bespoke calligraphy and typography service to local businesses and events. This business has then eventually grown to provide other products focusing on the personalisation sphere to allow customers the chance to own something that is unique, sentimental and personalised. I use only quality products and where I can they are also sustainable. My service is a while you wait service and I will hand paint names, phrases or quotes onto products while the customer looks at other handmade crafts. I usually only do a tour of Christmas fairs throughout November and December. During this time I offer ceramic, hand painted and personalised baubles, Christmas cards, personalised, handprinted candles and homeware. However I am looking to move further into the wedding industry and I am keen to attend more wedding fairs during the year. For weddings I supply bespoke signage which is carefully curated with the couple to suits the aesthetic of the day.

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Wilson and Lionel

Lymington, Hampshire