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Time to Melt

Soy wax melts and Room sprays Handmade in Dorset

My name is Louise from Dorset.

I started making wax melts for myself back in 2021, the reason for this was that I found buying mass produced wax melts a little disappointing as these did not last very long or give a good scent throw. I experimented and tested a variety of fragrance oils and wax in my home kitchen to come up with the product that I am proud to sell today. I started to sell my products to family and friends at first which then led to craft stalls and social media platforms to build up my little business.
I pride myself on making high quality Soy Wax Melts, Soy Wax and fragrance oils are made in the UK they are vegan friendly and cruelty free, Sustainable and eco friendly.
I love to add Mica Colour and glitter to my products just because everyone deserves a little colour and sparkle in their lives. My Mission is to provide affordable, high-quality scents for your home to help you feel relaxed, uplifted and happy.

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Time to Melt

Shaftesbury, Dorset