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Hello Iím Antonia and I crochet! This little hobby of mine holds a special small place in my heart, thank you!

Hello! My name is Antonia and I am 22 years old, Iíve love the passion to crochet. Crochet is like knitting, but with yarn and a hook!
My favourite hook is the 4.5mm, which I think is everyoneís favourite/go to!
I canít stop thinking of amazing projects to create! Iíd love to share with everyone my progress.
I love making a variety of projects such as plushies like octopuses, jellyfish, mushroom friends, baby blankets, and even peas in a pod, with an egg! I know, an egg, but I can assure he is adorable! I also make tote bags and bags, garlands, hats, coasters, gloves and many more! There are many projects on the way that I cannot wait to complete! My list of ideas is so long!
Crochet for me is very therapeutic with also making others around me smile! My family and friends love what I create and Iím even teaching others to crochet with me, to add more fun when crocheting with others!
I hope you enjoy my creations!

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ShortStrawb Stitches

Colchester, Essex