Wilfreds Pegs - Dolls

Wilfreds Pegs

Hand painted Peg Dolls

Hey, Im Ame,

I started Wilfreds Pegs in 2020, after having my newborn baby Wilfred, two days into lockdown. As an artist, Ive found my true passion in bringing these little wooden characters to life with vibrant colors and endless imagination.

I pour my heart onto each and every peg doll I create. These tiny pieces of art are not only for display, but they also serve as companions for storytelling and imaginative adventures.

Inspiration for my designs comes from all corners of life - from adorable animals to fantastical creatures, and even beloved characters from our favorite books and movies. Exploring different themes and styles allows me to constantly push the boundaries of what I can do, I love to challenge myself with new creations.

Surrounded by brushes, paint and palettes I often lose myself in the magical process of turning a simple wooden peg into a detailed work of art. Each doll is carefully coated with non-toxic paints, ensuring they are safe for both children and the young at heart.

Thank you for taking a look into my little world of painted peg dolls!

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