Gabrimix - Assemblage


assembling various found objects, to build wall-hanging artworks

Assemblage and mixed media art, Found object sculpture, Framed sculptures. Wall hanging artwork.
It started out as a hobby when I started drawing. Then I was drawn to the work of assembling various found objects, to build art objects that would have a strong visual impact. Could objects that could end up in the trash be admired as art? Yes, if they were combined in such a way as to delight the eye and the heart or to produce an exclamation of surprise to the viewer.
I collect objects, computer parts, electrical parts, broken jewelry, and other objects, to rearrange them so that an artistic image of an animal, insect, or robot results. Sometimes I embed them in the resin. I frame the spare parts I collect, resulting in a 3d work of art. I did not intend to make an exact reproduction of a certain object or animal, but rather to create something unique.
All work is done by hand, with care, patience, inspiration, and imagination. They have small imperfections which is normal considering that they are not produced in a factory, but handmade. Each product is unique and I cannot reproduce it. Each product represents tens of hours of work. I want to continue to create more and more beautiful and interesting things that will be appreciated both by people with refined tastes and, especially, by simple people. For now, I can only create in my free time.

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