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The beautiful Art of Macrame, is not only versatile, it embraces mindfulness with every knot

Established California 2020 is where my Macrame journey began. This ancient, therapeutic craft has developed from a hobby to a business in less than 3 years. Selling at Art Fairs across LA and delivering workshops has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Listening to customers tell me how talented and beautiful my work is, along with witnessing people learn knotting techniques to create their own beautiful artwork is wonderful and inspiring. Moving back to the UK I want to continue creating and sharing this mindful technique. From plant hangers to hat hangers, home decor and accessories, there are endless products that can be made by simply knotting some cord together.

I handmake all the macrame and use 100 percent recycled cotton, natural wooden beads/hoops and driftwood. Items can be ordered direct from me via this platform. I also offer wholesale. I have a large number of colours and can make bespoke pieces to suit your ideas and decor. So please reach out to me with any design ideas or questions.

I also run workshops which include wall hangings for beginners, plant hangers and hat hangers. Please message me for more details.

In 2024 my is plan to create wedding decor, including large macrame wood frames, chair hangings, bouquet wraps, hand ties and favours. Look out for new listings and blog updates.

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Pilars Designs Macrame

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