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Karo Paszkowska Art

Acrylic painter

Karo Paszkowska is a Belgian contemporary acrylic painter known for her vibrant and energetic artworks that gracefully combine geometric shapes and bold colors.

She creates art for big white walls of private and commercial spaces. All her pieces are created with Feng Shui in mind.

With a lifelong passion for art, Karo has recently taken the bold step of dedicating herself fully to her creative journey, leaving behind a corporate career that hindered her self-expression and innovative spirit.

Drawing inspiration from the boundless beauty of nature and the interplay of colors and shapes, Karos art captivates the imagination with deconstructed surrealistic faces that evoke emotions and spark meaningful conversations. In every stroke of her brush, Karo unleashes her creativity, embracing the belief that there are no limits or timelines to what is possible in the realm of art.

Having participated in events such as the Urban Art fair in Brixton and various arts trails in southeast London, Karos artistic talent and unique style are already gaining recognition in the art community. Influenced by the works of iconic artists like Salvador Dali, Antonio Gaudi, and Frida Khalo in the past, Karo has since forged a distinctive artistic path that is entirely her own.

When she paints, Karo experiences a sense of liberation, peace, and boundless energy, fully immersing herself in the creative process.

Through her art, Karo hopes to evoke a sense of harmony, balance, creativity, and connectedness in her audience. Influenced by the principles of feng shui, she strives to infuse her artworks with specific energies, transforming spaces and creating conversations that inspire appreciation for the precision of lines and the power of colors.

Beyond her art, Karo is deeply connected to nature, finding inspiration in its bountiful colors and perfect harmony. She also finds joy in music, dance, and fitness, and her interest in innovation, neuro-linguistic programming, and personal and spiritual development adds a unique dimension to her artistic endeavors.

Karo Paszkowskas art is a reflection of her inner world—overflowing with passion, creativity, and a commitment to unleashing the true essence of color and form. Her journey as an artist is one of continuous growth, exploration, and an unwavering desire to create art that resonates deeply with the hearts of her audience.

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Karo Paszkowska Art

Bromley, London