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Spice Bombs

Spice Bombs - Food Stall

Spice Bombs promises to deliver delicious Indian street food canapés on a variety of dough bases. They consist of small bites with deep flavour. We shall provide a variety of fillings that shall sit on a bed of mouth sized chapattis, Puris and corn balls. These shall be filled/layered with nutritional fillings ranging from vegetarian, chicken and prawn options.

The bases are traditional flatbreads used in fine Indian Cuisine and the fillings shall offer a range of spices, sauces and mild options for our customers. They shall be offered in portions of 4 and 8. For example, A number of 4 canapes can be served as a light lunch and 8 canopies can be served as a main meal or to share.

Our vision is to ultimately offer great quality food at appealing prices for our customers. Once they consume a bite sized canape they should experience a number of flavours and good protein in that bite, which ultimately leads to our company name being Spice Bombs.

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