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As a University student doing politics business has always inspired me to create something unique and with this I present my candles

Who are we?
Introducing Artisan Aroma Candles.

We are based in Liverpool in the UK and we pride ourselves in the creation of these candles. We provide services such as showing our creative process and this includes tips for candle care and maintenance.

We are proud of how far we have came with our candles and this is reflected into their creation.

Whether you are seeking a sweet sensation that will fill up your home with love or a delightful gift for someone special, our candles are designed to create the perfect mood, the scents we have are:

- Strawberry swirl = this is a pink candle that is infused with essential oils being strawberry, a whipped 100 percent soy wax finishing with strawberries.

- Divine chocolate = Take a look at our strongly chocolate fudge cake sensation. A mouthwatering scent of luscious chocolate cake with a hint of vanilla. Theres a reason why this is one of our favourites. Perfected with a chocolate sponge with white chocolate whipping wax cream to garnish. 100 percent soy wax candle with 25+ hours of burn time

- Our newest candle espresso dreams = This is the best gift for a coffee lover. It has a strong coffee espresso smell that covers the room in bliss. A prominent coffee mist is the initial hit, followed by milk and sprinkled chocolate. Covered with coffee beans on top, this is an all time favourite.

- Vanilla Cupcake = Vanilla Cupcake Scented has an essential vanilla oil scent. This sweet and tempting candle not only looks absolutely delightful, it has a delectable scent that pleases everyone who loves the smell of freshly baked vanilla cupcakes.

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Artisan Aroma

Liverpool, Merseyside