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I paint landscapes and seascapes. I try and capture the feel and atmosphere of a place, its spirt.

I paint both landscapes and seascapes from the clouds swirling around high mountain peaks to the rolling of an ocean wave, very element of nature catches my eye.

I work in acrylics for two reason, firstly I love the vibrant colours you can achieve with them and secondly, they dry quickly so you can work either wet on wet or wet on dry allowing me to play with textures as well as colours. I try and capture the atmosphere of a place, its spirt if you will.

Selling originals, prints all the way through to mugs and greeting cards, I have something for everyone.

Why I paint.
In October 2015 I was in an accident and suffered a brain injury, and our lives turned upside-down. I had to not only learn to speak English again, but also I had to get to know who this “New Me” was, and certainly to start with I didn’t like her very much!

Getting back into art and painting again has been a lifeline for me in so many ways. I can express myself again without having to hunt for the right words, and when the anxiety starts to mount up it helps me to refocus the mind and relax.

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Hannahs Images

Wokingham, Berkshire