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Handmade crochet bags and accessories

Welcome to Winnithread, where I create beautiful and unique handmade crochet products with love and passion.

My journey began as a child being taught by my Grandmother Winifred to first knit and then crochet. She was a talented dressmaker creating beautiful dresses and bringing happiness to those she created for, including my beautiful wedding dress. As I grew into an avid crochet enthusiast I found joy in creating designs and exploring different stitches. What started as a hobby soon evolved into a passion, and I decided to share my creations.

I have always loved the timeless art of crochet and its ability to transform yarn into exquisite pieces. Each of my crochet products is meticulously handcrafted by myself in my workshop in the beautiful county of Sussex.

I take great pride in choosing a wide variety of yarns and threads, carefully selected for their softness, durability, and visual appeal. From handbags, phone and bottle bags to stylish hats and accessories, my range of crochet products encompasses a variety of styles and designs to suit every taste and occasion.
I am fully committed to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each stitch is thoughtfully placed, ensuring that every item I produce is of the highest quality. I embrace the beauty of imperfections, as they are a testament to the handmade nature of my products, making each piece truly unique.

Beyond the craftsmanship, I value the connection created with my customers. I believe that every crochet product holds a story, and I want my customers to feel the warmth and love that goes into each creation. I am dedicated to providing exceptional personal customer service and to ensure that your experience is as delightful as my products.

Thank you for joining me on this crochet journey. Whether youre looking for a special gift or a personal treat, I hope that my handmade crochet products bring joy and add a touch of handmade beauty to your life. Please reach out if you have any questions or special requests for a personalised item.

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Winnithread Crochet

Chichester, West Sussex