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Bespoke hand crafted jewellery with selections of semi precious stones and sea glass collected from our local beach at Seaham.

Hi, Iím Mari-Louisa and I live a short walk from Seaham Beach. We are close to the glass centre and have enjoyed years of collecting all colours and designs of sea glass that have been eroded by the sea to make them perfectly shaped gems.

Seaham Sea Glass has gone from an unknown commodity 20 years ago, to a coveted and cherished beach gem around the world. I am so lucky and blessed to call this beach my home

Cabochon and semi precious stones are also sourced locally and invoke healing and balance, when worn they promote health, balance and empowerment.

I am often asked where does the glass come from?

Here goes...
In the Victorian era there were many glass companies throughout the region, but due to tides, wind and geography, Seaham unique stretch of beach has yielded this sea glass.

Who knows how old each unique piece is, the sea tumbling it into it perfect shape, for someone to find and keep as their perfect possession.

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Sunset Jewellery

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