Ks away with the fairies spiritual healing art - Printing

Ks away with the fairies spiritual healing art

Flower photography, digital energy healing art, rustic crystal selenite Wands and Crystal healing angels jewellery or keyrings.

Hi my name is Kirsty, I create digital artwork that helps with wellbeing and soothing of ill health. The digital art is created with healing in mind, the prints come in different sizes A5, photo size. I do bespoke orders for people depending on the size they would like.
I photograph flowers, trees and weeds. I Print the artwork and then I charge it with Reiki healing, Archangels, Ascended Massters and the Natural Realm. If you just like my artwork that is great too and does not need the charging, it is to everyone’s tastes.

I have made some sympathy cards and again if you like a design and want it personalised do contact me and I will create the order for you. I am also happy to posit my artwork with a message to the recipient.

I photograph trees, flowersd and weeds, I love showing off the beauty of what nature has to offer as it is so colourful, therapeutic and awe inspiring.

I make crystal healing wands using specific crystal healings and copper. The copper is a conduit to the crystal and therefore is very strong in energy. The wands can be just a decorative tool or healing tool. Whatever you feel you would like it for.

I make small crystal angels as pendants or Keyrings made out of crystal healing spheres - they make a lovely gift for anyone.

‘Ksawaywiththefairiesart at alittlesprinkleoffairydust’ there’s always a small gift with each order online or at a fair

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Ks away with the fairies spiritual healing art

39 Salisbury Road, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 3HA

Visit: linktr.ee/kep7721