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Bath - Wax - Home fragrance products to help make your home smell amazing

The Boujie Lounge specialises in Bath and Home fragrance products - all of which have scents which perform highly.

From our Wax melts with a fantastic scent throw, to our reed diffusers to fragrance your home with minimal effort. Our Reed Diffusers come in a stylish Glass bottle with Black Sticks and a cute Ball, all designed to soak up your favourite scent - with no need to rotate the reeds. Ideal where you want fragrance all day long.

We also offer Bath Bombs, Bath Dust and Bath Whip (whipped soap) which can be used as a soap, shampoo and shaving foam, again with some spectacular and popular fragrances and fun colours. Why not make bath time interesting for you and your family. The Bath dust bags are ideal when a little is all you need, When you just want to go all in, with the need to have your bathroom and bathwater smelling lush...the bombs are the way to go.

Bath Whips are a thick and indulgent soap base, with your choice of fragrance, these have been whipped up and hand piped into a great 200g sized tub - if you didnt know better you would swear it belonged on a cake! However please do not eat them - we offer Savage for the manly scent in a super light blue and white colour combination, Cherry Bomb for that strong simply cherry flavour, red in colour with indulgent gold (food Grade) mica to decorate, Vanilla Cupcake for that sweet baked scent, with pink and yellow piped soap, Fairy Drops - the ultimate Dupe of Lushs Christmas Scent Snow Fairy with pink and purple piped soap, Arabian Mermaid - A sensual Arabian blend of black oud paired with rose, patchouli, sandalwood and jasmine. Made with all the colours of the sea, decorated with food grade gold and purple airbrush glitter and sugar sprinkles.

Our wax melts are colourful and interesting with Glitter and Mica powder included, this allows your wax to Dance for you and can be totally relaxing and quite memorizing. In my opinion they all smell great, but if you are unsure we are always on hand to offer suggestions to help you to decide. Boujie Wax melts come in may categories with 100s of scents to choose from, you can see whats available in our shop also, i have added some below for you to see, however these tend to be categorised as follows: designer Dupes - for Him and for Her, Fresh Feels, Fruity, Bakes, Cocktails and many more, something to suit everyone. We sell individual melts and also Gifting boxes to allow you to share your love with friends and family also. With Wax Burners for Tea lights in Black, Grey Pearlescent and White Pearlescent - these are a beautiful addition to your room, Though you may feel a plug in Wax Melter - this is beautiful and ceramic is more up your street if you have small children and pets to consider.

Room mists are something we love here at Boujie. These are available in many of the most popular scents and are designed to make your soft furnishings smell great too. Some may use their pefumes and aftershaves in the car - however this is a much more cost effective way to achieve the same.

For a relaxing nights sleep why not try our super chilled Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray - Our 100 percent essential oil Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray will help you fall asleep easier and sleep much deeper. We use the highest quality oils on the market to bring you this gorgeously scented, highly effective aromatherapy sleep spray. Much more effective than counting sheep! This contains relaxing English Lavender, soothing Ylang Ylang and stress relieving Bergamot.

Car Fresheners are a must have in your favourite car, one you love and care for, why not make it smell amazing too! and not just to cover the wet dog smell, or kids PE Kit, you can have your favourite scent wherever you go, car, office and home.

so just to recap shorthand below:

- Wax Melts
- Reed Diffusers
- Car Diffusers
- Bath Bombs
- Bath Whips
- Bath Dust
- Room Spray
- Pillow Spray ( with essential Oils)
- Gift Boxes
- and much much more

All Wax melts are hand poured with care and time taken to decorate all flavours to celebrate the scent contained within. We have spent hours testing the very best fragrances to bring to you only the very best.

We offer our scents in Reed Diffusers for the home and Car so you can always come home to your favourite, the power of scent to invoke a memory, this is why we should always treat ourselves to a new perfume when in the Airport! That way the smell is a memory of when you first wore it on that special trip. Never underestimate the power of a scent!

Should you wish to know anything further please feel free to fill in the contact box.

Thank you for your interest in The Boujie Lounge, feel free to come visit our pages in the link section in our contact or simply google us.

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